What to do if you are missing an item from your order.



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    Anabel Mosqueda

    Good afternoon,


    I tried to call you today Thursday March 15 but the reception was slow, that is the a FSA person told me, so I writing again because I did not receive any notification about you, please help me with my package that I did not receive it on Saturday March 10, I asked to the neighbors and they did not saw any package in front of my house, I have security cameras and it not appear any person leaving a package in front of my house on Saturday March 10, they are the all items that I never received, now what is the process?


    My order #3042334


    SKU Description Quantity Price
    140278 Lactaid Fast Act Lactase Enzyme Supplement, Caplets, 60 ea 1 $15.59
    287166 Pedifix Visco-Gel Toe Spacers Large, 2 ea 1 $4.99
    423570 Pedifix Visco-Gel Bunion Guard 2 $19.00
    286541 Banana Boat Aloe Vera with Vitamin E Sunscreen Lip Balm SPF 45, 0.15 oz 3 $8.97
    422952 Vichy Idéal Capital Soleil SPF 60 Ultra-Light Body and Face Sunscreen with Antioxidants and Vitamin E, 1.7 Fl. Oz. 1 $30.50
    422723 Boogie Wipes Saline Nose Wipes, Fresh Scent, 45 ea 1 $5.99
    422932 BSN Jobst® For Men Knee-High Ribbed Extra Firm Compression Socks, Closed Toe, Large, Black 2

    Total: $139.98


    Anabel Mosqueda


    cell 312-730-2180

    Direct phone:312-432-2267.


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    Damaris Newcombe


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